Kidsontalks FREE Responsive eBay Template Samples with Live Editing

Basic Responsive eBay Template Examples

Responsive Template without Gallery
This template has a swatch or cross promo skrinkable area and 3 policy boxes, but no formal gallery.
Responsive Template WITH Gallery
This is the version WITH a switching images gallery, it is not so simple as you need to view source to edit image urls.
Responsive Template with magic inline editing
This feature is for display only currently. When I get time I will develop this so you can grab the code.

Remember kids, don't SELL this code as your own. It is free for use in DIY eBay templates and built on the wonderful open source CKEditor.

Template released under a General Public Licence

Google sent you here but you have NO IDEA whats going on?

Then read this: Kidsontalks Responsive eBay Design 2013 Series

I tested the inline editor in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and I.E 10. If it doesn't work for you, your browser is crap and I won't help you. Upgrade or change.

Template for eBay however is tested in as many crappy browsers I think people probably use. If I missed one, let me know.

Think this is cool and wish your template easy was like this? Contact me and I can help you.

This is the full editor that you can use to develop your own, or maybe do a few styled descriptions. Your call.

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